My Masaai

Nowadays we see often only Western perspectives on Masaai. That’s why I worked together with different East African artists.

A brave and scoially significant project, in which I participated together with photographers from different backgrounds across Eastern Africa to convey their personal mental impressions of the Maasai people today. Publiced in My Masaai book as an iniative of Jan Hoek.


Godlisten is Masaai and he is proud of it! He wants to show it to the world, but not with wearing traditional Masaai clothing, scars on his face and piercings in his ears. That’s why I collaborated with him. To design a new way of looking Masaai in modern society.

This is the post-apocalyptic world where the human race with the exception of the Maa people is completely wiped off the face of the planet.
Having to adapt to the hostile air which is choking with poisonous elements, the remaining Maasai must transform the way the dress to ensure their survival.

Photography & Design: Perrine Philomeen
Concept & Modelling: Godlisten Meshack